Ask Cary Real Estate, What is a Short Sale?

What is a Short Sale?  A Short Sale occurs when a home seller is allowed by their lender to sell the home for less than what's owed on the mortgage. If you are a home seller you may be thinking - I like that idea - not having to payback as much as I owe - well of course it's not that simple.  Typically several things need to occur before your mortgage holder will consider a short sale: 1)  You are delinquent on your house paymentsCary Real Estate Defines What is Short Sale 2)  You have no other assets or ability to cover what you owe 3) Short Sale is the only option to avoid Foreclosure 4) Lender considers short sale necessary and possible

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How to Avoid a Huge Home Pricing Mistake, Home Seller Tips from Cary Real Estate

quotation-marks seller pricing There are many factors that go into properly pricing a home, this is a simple yet powerful tip!  We all know the age old marketing ploy, price something at $9.99 instead of $10, it just sounds better right? No doubt this approach works it's magic on our minds when we stroll the aisle of Target but don't make the mistake of using this strategy with your home. It can be a HUGE MISTAKE to price your home at $299,999 instead of $300,000!! Curious Why?  I hope so.  It's one of those simple things that's so easy to miss.

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