Cary Lochmere Home Owners Be on Alert!

Cary residents have the luxury of enjoying a high quality of life - which includes living in a Town of 140,000 people and not worrying much about crime - at least major crime - that's why the news this week of several home break-ins while the families where home sleeping is big news & disturbing - the break ins occurred in the Lochmere area of Cary - a large planned unit development with lakes, walking trails, golf course etc (also home to yours truly). Below is the press release from the Town of Cary - I usually do not cut and paste a blog post but with this I'm making an exception: ___________ Town of Cary Police Department Seeks Help in String of Home Burglaries FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 12, 2010 CARY, NC – The Town of Cary Police Department is asking citizens for their help in locating suspects involved with recent home burglaries. During the overnight hours of January 10, 2010 and January 12, 2010, suspects gained entry into three occupied homes in the Lochmere area of Cary. Stolen property includes televisions, purses, wallets, electronic equipment and jewelry. No one was harmed during the robberies. “How or if these burglaries are related is still being investigated, but what we can say for sure is that it’s a very serious concern for us any time break-ins occur while families are sleeping, and we need everyone’s help in protecting against these criminals,” said Captain Mike Williams.

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