Men’s Softball Team brings home the Championship!

Cary, North Carolina is well known for the ‘quality of life’ it’s residents enjoy…One of the many aspects of this, is the town’s recreational and sports opportunities for kids and adults. Check out the town’s official Parks and Recreational website. You’ll find that there are so many ways to be involved in an active lifestyle here in Cary…softball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, dancing, fitness classes and much, much more.

This spring had the opportunity to sponsor a men’s modified (think stealing bases and faster pitching) softball team.   While the teams’ record showed as many losses as wins (sometimes more) going into the final weeks of the season…they continued to persevere and found the will to win in the playoffs. The team attributed much of their success in the final rounds to a loyal fan, Chris Rivera who’s presence seemed to guarantee a win. He was given a team jersey and implored to be at each game…he came and they won!

So…a proud “thank you” to the guys on the team, to the team coach, Harlen Greene and his wife, Roberta and to Brad Hanes for giving us the chance to sponsor what turned out to be a winning season! You guys rock!

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