FHA Changes-Impact on Cary Homes For Sale

FHA Changes-Impact on Cary Homes For Sale

david williams w FHA commissioner
David Williams (L) w/ FHA Commissioner David Stevens

Back in December I blogged about possible upcoming changes to FHA loan requirements – well it’s arrived – The FHA recently announced major changes to their requirements for buyers/borrowers.  These increased standards could reduce the number of buyers that qualify to purchase Cary Homes For Sale.  The changes are aimed at shoring up the FHA’s long-term stability – which I think is definitely positive in the big picture/long term – it’s the individual buyers and sellers on a local level, like  right here in Cary that will see and feel the impact – anytime the requirements become stricter for securing home loans the available buyer pool is reduced.  However one of the major contributors to the recent housing market downturn was buyers purchasing too early or too high.  The current FHA commissioner David Stevens is from the real estate industry, having worked on both the mortgage side and brokerage side – I believe he brings a common sense mindset to the FHA restructure.

FHA’s Changes to Borrower Requirements

  1. The upfront fee charged for the mortgage insurance premium (MIP) will be raised to  2.25%
  2. The Seller contribution (closing costs etc) is reduced to 3% instead of previous 6%
  3. To Qualify for a 3.5 % minimum down-payment requires credit score of 580 or higher
  4. Less than 580 Credit Score will require 10% or more down payment
  5. Several new lender requirements aimed at  protecting the borrower

Like to read detailed FHA policy? FHA Commissioner David Stevens recently wrote an article covering the FHA changes.

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