defines ‘Cary Home Sales’

When says ___________ about home sales in Cary what does that represent? where does the info come from?

This post is intended to be a reference anytime we use the term Cary Home Sales or Homes in Cary.

You would think this is fairly straightforward but there are lots of variables – you can always contact with any questions regarding our data!

“Cary” : This represents any home with Cary listed as the town in the Realtor MLS system.  It includes homes with a ‘Cary’ mailing address that are not located in Cary’s town limits (yes that’s possible).  It’s also possible for a home to be in the Cary town limits but have a mailing address other than Cary – (due to which post office delivers the mail).  If the information is entered into the MLS system probably it should pick these homes up.

“Home” : We are referring to a single family detached home – which is a normal home – this DOES NOT include condos or town-homes – we track those numbers separately.

Source: Unless otherwise noted we pull our numbers from the Realtor’s Triangle Multiple Listing Service – we have access to a tremendous amount of information – which we download into an excel spreadsheet to extrapolate the info we are looking for – yes we are putting in the time to know the Cary Real Estate Market! The articles we write are not boiler plate nor computer generated.

Note:  There is a section of our site that does provide computer generated reports – you can sign up to receive these FREE Cary Real Estate Market Reports.


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