Not Your Typical Cary Backyard – Adventures in Showings

Adventures in Showing Homes

From time to time it’s fun to share parts of real estate that just aren’t covered in the normal training classes – over the years I’ve experienced lots of interesting situations – many of which occur while out showing property.

Take this weekend for example – I was out showing an older ranch home on 16 acres – (side note – this was not in Cary city limits! – it was a drive out to a more rural section of the area) back to the story – so I was showing this home on acreage to a set of buyers looking for a home with enough land to have horses. 


If you’ve never looked at a home on 16 acres of land complete with barns etc it takes a while – someone in the group (protecting identities here) needed to use the bathroom and slipped back into the house – which was vacant  . . . and without water, any water, and no signs warning that the water was off . .  completely – including an empty toilet refill tank – well you just cant flush without water – which we didn’t have and we just couldn’t just leave the new colored water in the toilet – so – experieced agent into action – found a bucket on the property – walked down to the stream that runs through the 16 acres – filled the bucket with stream water – back to the house – filled the toilet tank with the stream water – problem solved – one toilet flush complete!

And you thought being a real estate agent was all glitz and glamor 🙂


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