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At we’re always keeping our eye out on how to improve our level of service with  home buyers and sellers. Most of us enjoy the latest gadget but rarely does something have as much positive impact as  docusign.  It’s a web based service that allows the creator of a document to send an electronic copy to a recipient and allow that recipient to sign, date, initial etc a document with a few easy mouse clicks. Yes there is a short process to accept/create your electronic signature but it’s super easy.


Worried about security? docusign has their act together – they’re even endorsed by the National Association of Realtors! The system provides multiple levels of security, along with tracking numbers, ip address etc.  Yes, the state of North Carolina and the North Carolina Real Estate recognize this type of signature as valid.

Real Life Example of Cary Real Estate making life easier for their clients – last night we were able to send one email to our buyer clients vacationing at Disney – without leaving their hotel room the buyers were able to review 7 different documents (new construction purchase) they electronically initialed or signed every page in just a few minutes – upon completing their signatures the system immediately notified us and we had an executed set of documents, no hunting for the hotel desk clerk / worrying about the business center being closed etc.

We’re able to compose, deliver, receive signatures and file electronically without ever creating the first piece of paper! It’s perfect for offer to purchase sales contracts, buyer agent agreements, listing agent agreements etc!

End Result – it’s easier for our clients, better for the enviroment and allows us to operate more efficiently!


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