Home Seller's Ask, Does it Go or Does it Stay?

Home Sellers are often confused or at least curious what goes and what stays when it comes to selling their home.  Here at CaryRealEstate.com we take the time to review with our home sellers exactly what to expect and bhome seller appliancee prepared for.  The best answer to what goes and stays “whatever the sales agreement between buyer and seller stipulates”.

Great.  Thanks David, that helped  a lot.Could you elaborate?

A typical offer to purchase agreement states that personal property goes with the seller and fixtures stay with the home – so what is a fixture?  something that was personal property but now by the manner in which it’s attachted to the home it becomes part of the home and real property – wow – that sounded like an attorney talking (which I am not)

Examples of Fixtures – items that would stay with the home:

– ceiling fan

– dishwasher

– window blinds

– bathroom mirror

Examples of Personal Property that goes with the Seller:

– Refrigerator (unless built-in ex. Sub-Zero)

– washer and dryer

– window treatments

Controversial Items – they may be attachted but do not belong to the seller (leased):

– Satellite Dish

– Security System

Bottom Line – As a home seller it’s important to know what is included by default with a purchase agreement. That’s why we take the time to review with our home sellers!

Thanks for Reading our Cary Real Estate Blog. Post Authored By: David Williams

David’s a Licensed North Carolina Realtor & The Voice of CaryRealEstate.com

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