Cary or California? Cary Police on 2 Wheels

Okay, I’ll admit it – growing up I was a big fan of Ponch and John – yes I’m talking about the TV show ‘CHiP’s’  – which by the way, ever go back and watch one of those old shows?  Scary that I used to like that show – anyway  – when I stopped for lunch today at one of my favorite Cary mexican restaurants,  (Fiesta Mexicana in the Swift Creek Shopping Center) I grabbed my camera for a shot of one of Cary’s Police motorcycles parked right in front of the restaurant. What kind of police motorcycle for the Town of Cary?  BMW of course!  Seeing the police motorcycle transported me back to childhood memories of watching ‘CHiP’s’ – and yes I’ve had the theme song in my head all day.

It really made me stop and think how different (in a good way) Cary is today from the tiny rural community of my childhood days! So do you think if I get pulled over by one of these I can get out of a ticket by saying “I blogged about you?”, yea – me either.


The Cary Police have a fleet of four BMW  motorcycles as part of the Traffic Safety Team.


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