Coming Soon to a Yard Near You, Maybe Even Yours!

At Cary Real Estate we’re preparing for a busy 2010!cary home for sale sign

We placed an order for more yard signs today – yes we spent the extra money to have the reflective signs – we think it really makes a difference, especially during the winter months as it gets dark so early – the reflective signs really ‘pop’ with car headlights.

Fortunately the Town of Cary, known for strict sign ordinances, still allows a home seller to have a  for sale yard sign – but you can’t get carried away! The town limits a home seller to one yard sign with certain size restrictions.

What about open houses? One of the keys to having a successful open house is to drive traffic to the home for sale by having lots of signs – the down side –  open house  signs start to multiply & not everyone is timely with removing the open house sign – the Town of Cary takes the aesthetic appearance seriously – they have multiple regulations in place regarding a home seller or real estate agent  having and advertising open houses.

– limit on the number of open houses per year

– limit on the number of off premise signs directing to the open house

– specs on the size/color of the open house directional sign

– open house sign limited to the weekends

The net effect of the Towns regulations, few agents hold open houses and the Town is not cluttered with signs.  Bottom line – There’s a lot more to  successfully selling your home in Cary than just an open house!


Thanks for Reading our Cary Real Estate Blog. Post Authored By: David Williams

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