Ask Cary Real Estate: Does Anyone Buy or Sell their Home in December?

I’m often asked, “what happens to Cary real estate activity in December?

Does anyone really buy December Real Estate Activityor sell a home during December?  There are certainly advantages to moving during the holidays – most people have extra time off & the timing can work for school changes.  Most of the time people assume that real estate comes to a complete stop during the holidays – not true for us here at,  we have several home sellers getting ready to place their home on the market and we have a family moving back to the Cary area that will be in town Sunday, December 27th to buy!

The short answer:  YES – people are still buying and selling homes in Cary during the month of December – here are the numbers for cary real estate activity for December, as of Dec 21st.

Total Homes* For Sale in Cary:     752

Homes in Cary that Have Closed this Month:  67

Homes in Cary that have gone under contract in December:  60

Homes in Cary Listed For Sale in December:  86

As you can see, real estate does not stop for the holidays!

*  ‘Homes’ in the above numbers refers to single family detached homes – it does not include condos and townhomes.

Thanks for Reading our Cary Real Estate Blog. Post Authored By: David Williams

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