Conversations on a Plane, Home Seller is Looking for that Special 'Someone"

I boarded a SouthWest Jet this morning at Raleigh-Durham, headed to sunny San Diego for the annual Realtor convention.  The inevitable happened – the conversation with a stranger – it was the gentleman on the adjoining aisle seat – after learning more than I really needed to know about him etc etc he asks what I do and where I’m headed – once the subject of real estate surfaced an interesting yet typical conversation unfolded – I thought to myself – I’m gonna blog about this!

I would do the cool dialogue format back and forth on what he said and what I said, but, ohm, just assume I was nodding and smiling

The gentleman is trying to sell his home – he has it listed with an ‘experienced’ agent but he is not willing to accept that his house is not worth what it was 2-3 years ago – granted it’s a high end subdivision and we are talking about a price swing over $100,000, I feel his pain – but his strategy is to just keep it priced at the old higher value “cause somebody will come along”

REALLY?   Somebody’s going to come along . . .

So even though a stock is trading at $50 a share you think somebody will offer you $75 a share cause that’s what it traded at 2 ½ years ago?   Who is this ‘someone’ and where do ‘they’ come from?  And what about the ‘experienced’ agent that has their sign in the front yard with a non realistic price?  Who is that helping?

As I nodded and smiled I played through the conversation in my head that I would be having with this gentleman if I was at his dining room table instead of an airplane – I know one thing for sure – my sign would not be in the yard of a grossly overpriced listing.

Lot’s of thoughts are dancing through my head on information I could share about fair market value, absorption rates etc – but you probably don’t want to hear about that right now and I’m off to bed – need a good nights sleep for a full day of Convention tomorrow!

Posted via email from David Williams

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