Cary Real Estate Home Buying Tip #17 – Give NickNames to the Homes You Like

When you’re out looking at homes they all tend to blend together!  So give them a memorable nickname,  at least that’s what I suggest when I’m helping  buyers in Cary.

House over question mark

There’s no doubt about it, homes start to blend together after you’ve looked at several.  If you’re in a home that makes your ‘keep list’ then pick a memorable feature that stands out about the home and give the home a nickname, like “Red Door” or “Super Kitchen” etc.    It’s so much easier than trying to remember street names or MLS numbers!  If you have kids, then let them get involved in the process.  One of my favorite nick name memories is the ‘dog poop’ house.  It was a new construction home at the framing stage &  a neighbors dog had taken advantage of the open access to the home.  The buyers kids dubbed it the dog poop house – it was funny having phone conversations with the buyers and having them say “We are ready to submit an offer on the dog poop house”.    You’ve got to keep it fun!

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  1. Great idea! Works like a charm for keeping them all straight in everyone’s head…

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