Dear Cary Real Estate, Why Doesn't Cary Have Any Public Schools?

What?  No Public Schools in Cary? Of course there are public schools in Cary, in fact some of the best public schools in North Carolina are in Cary.  So what gives?wake county school logo

Here’s the thing . . Cary is a town located in Wake County and all of the public schools are operated by Wake County.  There’s no such thing as a ‘Town of Cary’ school.  Instead they are wake county managed schools located in Cary.  The same applies across the county, meaning there are no ‘Raleigh’ schools etc.    Yes it’s a technicality but many people that relocate to Cary have heard how great the Cary schools are and mistakenly think ‘Cary Schools’.  Another very important detail for someone relocating to the Cary area is to realize that due to the growth of the area and the ongoing construction of new schools, the county reviews the student assignment plan every year.  The bottom line is no one can guarantee the school that a particular home is assigned to will stay the same year after year.   The Cary area is home to over 20 elementary schools,  6 middle schools and 4 High Schools.  Here’s  a complete list of Wake County Schools.

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