Town of Cary’s Population Growth

The Town of Cary hasn’t always been the affluent bedroom community it is today, it’s grown from 22,000 in 1980 to over 140,000 and the population has doubled every decade since 1960!

I’ve lived in the Cary area my entire life.  I remember as a child in the 1970’s that Cary only had one retail store,  if you didn’t find it at the small Rose’s store then it was a road trip into Raleigh.  My how things have changed!  I’m often asked how I feel about the growth,  I actually love it! (except for occasionally when I’m stopped at red lights that didn’t use to exist)  I’ve had the fortune of ‘growing’ up with the town and I appreciate all of the cultural diversity that now exist.

As for future growth, the current Cary Town Council has a goal of limiting the growth to 3-4% annually.

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